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        ~Quick/Flash's Game Server~
Okay, everyone. This is my srb2 server. Retro SS should be my username on the Official SRB2 Forums. ( It will be called Quick's (or Flash's)
Game Server.
000. Table of Contents
000. Table of Contents (You're looking at it, dummy)
001. Rules
002. Badge Rank
003. Kudos
004. Password Policy
005. Wad Policy
006. Ban warning shows
007. Q&A
008. Server Discussion
009. Changelog
010. Last Updated
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001. Rules
1. NO SPAM! THAT MEANS NO BIND-(key)-Say-(message) OR CONSOLE-(start)-SAY-ENTER-(go back to start) (warn, kick, BAN)
2. No impersonating. If you use someone else's name, I WILL find out using your IP Address. (kick, BAN)
3. No flaming. that means calling me baka baka. (I'M LOOKING AT YOU D00D64!) Also insulting/shunning someone else. (kick, BAN)
4. NO ORDERPIZZA! THAT MEANS SPAMMING *your name* ordered a delicious pizza. If one person starts, they'll all start!
(warn, kick, BAN) This goes back to rule #1
5. No WAD/SOC BAWWWWING. I will add a wad or soc file if everyone, and I mean EVERYONE has it. If you start BAWWWWing or going >.< or 
DX or :< or D:< or BAWWWWW BAWWWWWW or "SUCK THIS 8===============D" over it, you will be in a lot of trouble. (kick, BAN)
6. No Multicolor TXTs. That means a exec txt that will make you flash multiple colors. It will cause lag and consistency fails.
It'll also cause people to whine. It's my hosting cpu that holds the ram. My computer crashes, no more server. Bye bye. (INSTANT BAN)
7. No saying "Screw the *insert noun*, I have *noun*!" It pisses people off and can be put as flaming if it's against someone. (FLAMING: INSTANT BAN)
(Regular: warn, warn, kick, BAN)
8. When in coop or race, no whining over a game-over. That means when you run out of lives, do not complain/BAWWWWWW over a game over.
9. In match/ctf/team match, emerald BAWWWWing is prohibited. That means that unless you have a rational reason, 
no begging to have the emeralds turned off/on. (kick, BAN)
10. NO ADVERTISEMENT. With an exception of wadbases, no advertising websites, or products. (kick, BAN)
11. No Roleplaying. This is not a rpg server, this is a game server. (INSTANT BAN)
12. Follow the MS Rules. 'Nuff said. (If you break them, [just so my server doesn't get reported because YOU were being retarded] INSTANT BAN)
13. No going as Quick or Flash; those are mine. (INSTANT BAN)
14. Holding up the Special Stage clock. sitting in water while in a Special Stage. If I catch you doing this in coop, you are going to be warned, then kicked, then banned.
002. Badge Rank
It's trust rank. if I trust you, you have more chance of becoming an admin. Points will be put in parentheses after the deed or misdeed.
I write this down, so you will gain/lose trust.
Race - Good
Nonthokfest - Play as sonic or another thokking character while not making it a thokfest. (-20 trust)
Nonmultichange - Win a race while not changing characters to get to a shortcut, then changing back. (This is expected of you. +0 trust)
Race - Bad
Thokfest - Thok like crazy. I hate that. (-20 trust)
multichange - This is basically considered cheating. using a fly/climb character to take shortcuts then go back to Sonic or something faster. (-70 trust)
Match - Good
Weaponsharing - take a single weapon ring at a time. (+10 trust)
Scatterhold - only use scatter rings on players when they are super or going nuts on a single person (+20 trust)
Match - Bad
Weaponhog - Taking every weapon you can get, as it can make things very unfun. (-40 trust)
Ctf - Good
Ctf - Bad
TailRailSpam - Flying, aiming, and firing rails at other players. Effective, but irritating. Considered unfair by many. (-50 Trust)
Tag and h&s - none
Coop - none
Medal Ranks:
Good ranks-
Bum: 0-49
Beginner: 50-299 trust points
Rank Riser: 300-799 trust points
Pwner: 800-1999 trust points
Ruler of Rings: 2000-4999 trust points
R U H4X0R151NG M4H B0X0R?!: 5000-9998 Trust Points
Superhero: 9999+ trust (VERY HARD!)
003. Kudos
A point system to see which person has the highest epic win
1. good sportsmanship
3. Solving situations
4. Kindness
5. Cooperative
6. Reportings on rational reasons
7. Going super
8. emerald tokens
9. WIN
004. Password policy
I change the password each time. 'Nuff said.
005. Wad Policy
I never have more than 20 MB of wads at a time, and they almost always change. Sometimes I won't add wads.
006. Ban warning shows
If I pull out Excalibolg, Banhammer, or any other ban weapon, watch yourself.
If I pull out Ban Stopper, That means I put away the ban temper
007. Q&A
Q. If I'm your friend, can I resist bans?
A. Yes. But not after 3 ban charges on one server. Then you start to piss me off and I might ban.
Q. Why are your rules so strict?
A. I am irritated by what I have seen from other servers. Those are the most of it.
Q. Why 20 MB of wads instead of the old 10?
A. I feel that less that 20 MB is sometimes not enough.
Q. Can I add new rules?
A. Only if I approve of them.
008. Discussion for server: email me at
Your question could be posted in the Q&A, in which I will notify you.
009. Changelog
       April 26, 2010
       (+) Added Changelog
       (+) Made the CTRL+F search easier to use by adding 2 zeroes to the beginning of every section number
       (+) Increased Wad limit
       (--) Removed unban chances.
       (--+) Removed Ban policy and replaced it with Ban warning shows
       (+) Added rules
010. Last updated: April 26, 2010 at 4:38 PM
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